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Immigration & Asylum Resources: Handbooks & Monographs


The law library has a limited user subscription to AILALink, an online research platform created and maintained by the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). AILALink includes immigration statutes and regulations, case law, agency decisions and guidance documents, government manuals and AILA-produced reports and materials. It also provides access to AILA's secondary sources including Kurzban's Immigration Law Source Book and the AILA's Asylum Primer among many others. For more information, please contact 

General Immigration Resources

Special Topics

Employment Resources

Asylum Resources

Field Manuals & Court Manuals

"Field Manuals" are handbooks developed by government agencies and departments for use by immigration officials as they carry out their jobs. "Court Manuals" are aimed at adjudicators and government attorneys practicing in immigration court. Can be useful for gaining a better understanding of their policies and procedures.

Immigration in Other Countries