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Forms & Sample Documents: State Forms

Accessing State Forms Online

Bloomberg Law:

  1. Go to the Search & Browse tab
  2. Click on “DealMaker Documents"
  3. Search by document type
  4. Enter your state in the governing law field

Lexis Advance:

  1. Go to Browse Sources
  2. Select Forms as your content type
  3. Narrow to your jurisdiction

Lexis Practice Advisor

  1. Select a Practice Area tab from the top of the page
  2. Click on the "Show More" links to see a list of state forms, where available, by subtopic
  3. Search for a keyword in the search box and include state name such as "bill of sale" & delaware
  4. Or run search and click on "jurisdiction" column to view U.S. Federal, Non-jurisdictional and individual state results

Practical Law:

  1. Select Jurisdictions Tab
  2. Click on Practice Area of interest
  3. Filter by Standard Documents or Standard Clauses on the results list


  1. Select state materials
  2. Browse form resources


Pennsylvania Forms

Dunlap-Hanna Pennsylvania Forms (print: Res KFP 68 A6D92); Lexis & Lexis Advance.

Dunlap-Hanna's annotations contain primarily procedural but also transactional references to both Purdon's and the Pennsylvania rules of civil procedure. It is organized by area of practice. Each of the 13 looseleaf volumes has its own index and there is a general index in the last volume as well.

Goodrich-Amram 2d Procedural Rules Service with Forms (print: Res KFP 529 A1G62); Westlaw.

This set contains nine volumes of annotated Pennsylvania rules of civil procedure with forms organized by rule number. It also includes references to other Lawyers' Co-op publications. In addition there is a two volume general index, as well as a volume containing the full text of the rules, table of statutes, and index. It is updated by pocket parts.

Pennsylvania LexisNexis Forms on Lexis

Combined database of all forms and separate databases for: business law, civil procedure & evidence, criminal law, employment law, estates and probate, family law, litigation, personal injury, real estate and transaction forms.

Pennsylvania Transaction Guide Legal Forms (Bongiovanni) (print: Res KFP 68 T68); Lexis Advance.

Organized by area of practice, the annotations in this set also include references to Purdon's. It is especially useful in the area of business and corporations. There are 15 looseleaf volumes plus an general index which includes tables of cases and statutes.

West's Pennsylvania Legal Forms (print: Res KFP 68 .W47); Westlaw.

This set includes separate volumes for each topic of law covered. Indexes are at the end of the last volume for each topic. It is kept up-to-date by pocket parts.

Additional Options:

  • LexisNexis Practice Guide: Pennsylvania Civil Discovery (Lexis Advance)
  • Pennsylvania Form Finder (Westlaw)
  • Westlaw eforms: Pennsylvania Federal Courts (Westlaw)
  • Westlaw eforms: Pennsylvania State and Federal Courts and Agencies (Westlaw)