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Forms & Sample Documents

Overview of Forms Resources

Bloomberg Law provides several different ways to locate forms. 

Forms can be located on Lexis+ in several ways:

1. Explore --> Content --> Sample Forms 

2. Explore --> Content --> Briefs Pleadings and Motions

3. Explore --> Treatises, Guides & Jurisprudence --> select Jurisdiction or Practice Area to Browse. Many practice guides include sample forms and agreements

Browse by practice area, search by keyword or use the built in features like Resource Kits or the State Law Comparison Tool. 

PLI is one of the largest producers of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses in the country. They offer course books from these CLEs including their sample forms. PLI Plus treatises also contain forms.

  1. PLI Plus can be found on the Law Databases page

  2. Select "Search" and check "Forms & Checklists" to search by keyword and then use the filters on the search results page to limit by form type, jurisdiction, date and other facets

  3. OR use "Browse" to locate materials by practice area and use the "Form Type" filter to locate a particular type of form

Collection of practice resources from Thomson Reuters Westlaw.

Browse forms, checklists, sample agreements and drafting guidance by:

1. Practice area

2. Business Sector

3. Resource Type (type of document)

4. Jurisdiction

Westlaw offers several ways to access forms on its platform:

Form Resources in Print and in the Catalog

form booksThe Villanova Law Library catalog allows for searching by keyword and then using the "Genre" filter to narrow the results to Forms. Or search by subject/keyword and add "forms" to the search as many secondary sources, including practice guides and CLE handbooks, offer forms and sample agreements.

Once a book on the desired topic has been located, use the Forms subject tag on its catalog page to locate other similar resources.