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Forms & Sample Documents: By Topic


Search print library catalog using keywords or Subject field.

Keep in mind that many treatises & practice guides include forms even if they do not have the word “forms” in their titles. Also be on the lookout for titles that include the words “agreements” or “documents” or “samples.” Often practice guides which include the words “Manual” or “Handbook” in the title will offer sample forms as well.


  • Bankruptcy
    • Consumer Bankruptcy Handbook with Forms: Chapter 7, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Practice Simplified
  • Corporate Law
    • Fletcher Corporation Forms, annotated
    •  Limited Liability Entities and Partnerships: Principles & Forms
  • Family Law
    • Forms, Checklists, and Procedures for the Family Lawyer
    • Pennsylvania Divorce Code Annotated: with Forms
  • Real Property
    • Commercial Real Estate Leases: Preparation, Negotiation, and Forms
    • The Commercial Lease Formbook: Expert Tools for Drafting and Negotiation
    • Mortgages in Pennsylvania: with Forms
  • Trusts & Estates
    • Estate Planning Forms
    • Drafting Wills and Trust Agreements


Select the Practice Centers tab to browse sources by Topic

Practical Law

Topic-specific form resources can be located by clicking on the Practice Areas tab. Also have the option of selecting Jursidiction or Standard Document or Standard Clause Resource Types before clicking into Practice Area topics.

Lexis Practice Advisor

Select a Practice Area from the tabs at the top or choose a "Topic" from the drop down menu under the red search box. When browsing the types of forms listed for each practice area, be sure to click on "Show More" to see the full list of available documents.


To Access:

  1. Click on “Browse Topics” above the search box
  2. Select your topic and subtopics until no more blue arrows appear to the left of your selection
  3. Click on “get topic document” in the popup menu
  4. Select the “Forms” tab on the results page that follows.

NOTE: not all subtopics have forms available even if the “Forms” tab appears at the top of the results page. Forms can also be found by clicking on the “Second” tab instead to view secondary sources which may include forms. Be sure to use the “Source” filter to help target materials by jurisdiction and to locate items with the words “form” or “agreements” in their titles.

Another Option:

  1. click on Browse Sources
  2. Select Forms as the content type
  3. Select a jurisdiction or enter key words to further narrow the search or just review the full list of forms available


To Access:

  1. Browse using the Topic tab  OR
  2. Click on “Forms” from the main Browse screen to be taken to the Form Finder database
  3. Select Forms by Topic or by Publication—there are many more subtopics available here than under the Topics tab . 



Forms search can be limited by "Practice Area." Choose from over 20 different practice areas including: Children's Law, Employment, Health Care, Corporate and Securities, Insurance and Tax.

  1. Accessible through the Law Databases page
  2. Click on "Forms"
  3. Click arrow in front of "Practice Area" 
  4. Select Form Type from drop down menu or leave blank to search across all forms
  5. Enter Search terms or "Form Title" in the search boxes at the top 
  6. Click Green Magnifying class to search

Transcripts from continuing education programs are also available as are "Answer Books" (practitioner guides) for a variety of practice areas. Click on the Browse tab to find these secondary sources for your topic.