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Forms & Sample Documents


  1. Accessible through the Law Databases page
  2. Click on "Forms"
  3. Click arrow in front of "Practice Area" or leave blank to search across all practice areas
  4. Select "Clauses" as the Form Type from the drop down menu 
  5. Enter Search terms or "Form Title" in the search boxes at the top 
  6. Click Green Magnifying class to search


Westlaw does not have specific clause databases (with the exception of Practical Law) but all Forms databases are full-text searchable and allow searching by key clause phrases.

Bloomberg Law

       Search Precedent Documents & Clauses (Transactional Precedent Search) 

  • Browse by Document or Transaction Type
  • Limit "Result Type" to Single Clauses
  • Enter "Clause Title"
  • Searches across actual deal documents
  • Draft Analyzer compares that language to other similar contracts to see if there is a consensus or "standard" language that is used for that type of clause
  • M & A Clause Descriptions—gives purpose & descriptions with links to samples from actual documents
  • Confidentiality Agreement Clause Descriptions—Purpose, exceptions & links to samples
  • Boilerplate Clause Descriptions (Expenses, Severability, Remedies, Attorney’s Fees etc.)—purpose, use & links to samples
  • Document Descriptions—open document of interest to view “key sections” for clause search terms to search for in the Precedent Documents & Clauses database described above
  • Transaction Drafting & Negotiating Guides--links to guides, practice tools, sample agreements and other resources


Go to Browse Sources and search for the following: