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Student Handbook: General Information T-Z


The University operates a shuttle service with both on-campus and off-campus routes. For schedules and more information visit the Parking and Transportation webpage. You must show your Wildcard to board the shuttle.

Buses traveling on Lancaster Avenue and the High Speed Line running between West Philadelphia and Norristown have stops at the University and provide public transportation from many of the local communities.

A commuter train runs through the campus with a station stop near the Law School building. Information concerning schedules and rates may be obtained from the stationmaster, on the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority website, or by calling SEPTA at 215-580-7800.

Tuition Payment

Bills for tuition and fees are electronically presented on the Bursar’s website and mailed to each student by the University Bursar’s Office. Any questions concerning the payment of tuition and fees should be directed to that Office, not to the Law School.

A student who has any outstanding debt to the University, and who has not made arrangements for payment with the Bursar’s Office, may be prevented from registering, pre-registering, taking examinations, or receiving grade reports, bar certifications, transcripts, and diplomas. The University has no institutional provision for the payment of tuition and fees through an installment plan. However, as a service to our students and their families, the University makes available information concerning commercially available tuition payment plans. This information may be obtained from the Bursar’s Office in Kennedy Hall on main campus.

In the event of withdrawal from the Law School, the University will make an appropriate refund of tuition. The formula for tuition refund is available on the Financial Aid webpage.


Villanova University is dedicated to assisting veterans and their dependents as they reach personal, professional and academic goals. For information and support, see the Office of Veterans and Military Service website

Voter Registration

The Office of Student Affairs and Wellbeing is responsible for a good faith effort to make voter registration forms available to law students for federal elections and state elections for governor and other state chief executive offices. HEOA sec493(a) (1).

Weapons and Dangerous Practices

University Policy, applicable to the Law School, provides that no student shall engage in any activity which shall endanger the health, safety, well-being or property of another member of the School or University community, or the institution.

The sale, possession, production, purchase or use of explosives, fireworks, incendiary devices, guns, other lethal weapons, or reasonable facsimile thereof on University and Law School property are prohibited, as are conspiracies or attempted activities of this nature.

Website Policies

The Law School and the University have adopted several policies regarding website uniformity, web server access, personal web pages, website content and use, and online privacy. The policies are posted on the Law School website under Technology Services and the University UNIT website. Student organizations must provide to the Director of Student Affairs their organization purpose as well as up-to-date contact information. This information will be posted on the official Law School website.

Wheelchair Accommodations

All public areas of the Law School are accessible to persons in wheelchairs.