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Student Handbook: General Information D-G


Third-year students who are candidates for a degree must file intent to graduate/ diploma order forms with the Law School Registrar, setting forth the candidate’s name as it is to appear on the diploma together with the candidate’s undergraduate college, degrees received and years of receipt and other relevant information. This form must be filled out and returned before the deadline announced to assure the diploma will be ready. The University reserves the right to refuse to issue diplomas and bar certifications for students delinquent in financial and other obligations to the University.

Drug Free Schools

The Policy on Drug Free Schools and Drug Free Workplace is the University’s response to federal legislation, the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989. It is distributed annually to all students, faculty, and staff in an effort to educate our community about the continuing commitment to achieve a drug-free environment and to provide effective resources for our community. For further information or for additional copies of the policy, see the Drug Free Schools & Drug Free Workplace Policy or contact the Department of Human Resources or the Dean of Students’ office.


Each student is assigned a Law School e-mail account and is required to check this account at least once each day. Faculty and the Administration use e-mail to communicate with students and to send official notices. Students are deemed to have knowledge of all communications from the Faculty and Administration which are sent to their Law School e-mail address. Additionally, various professors may have more specific requirements with respect to e-mail and Blackboard classrooms.

The Law School has adopted an e-mail policy which is posted on the Law School website under Technology Services. Students using the Law School’s e-mail system must comply with this policy and the University’s policies available via the UNIT website.

Students may not send mass emails to the entire Law School. Mass e-mail from student organizations must be sent through the SBA or the group’s faculty advisor in accordance with the mass e-mail policy listed in the Student Organizations Handbook.

Emergency Contact

Law students are required to complete the Emergency Contact Information form through NOVASIS. This information will be kept on file with the Registrar.

Emergency Preparedness

The University has a detailed emergency plan and representatives from the Law School serve on the University’s Emergency Response Committee. The full text of the University Preparedness Plan is available on the Villanova University web site. Questions regarding the Plan or the Committee should be directed to the Associate Dean for Finance and Administration.

Escort by Public Safety

An escort is available for students leaving the building late. Call Public Safety at 610-519-6979.


Student organizations, staff, and faculty members planning events which involve food or outside vendors must work with the Law School’s Director of Events, Nicole Garafano. Students must meet with Ms. Garafano at least two weeks prior to the event. She can be reached at 610-519-7066,, or in her office, Room 174 in the Student Services Suite.


The Director of Operations, Joseph Mariani, has overall responsibility for the building and facilities. For minor housekeeping, maintenance, and facilities issues, please contact Mr. Mariani at or 610-519-3111.

Financial Aid Information

Information about all types of financial aid, including scholarships, loans, and work-study is available in the Financial Aid section of the Law School’s website. In addition, you will also find instructions on applying for financial aid, relevant expenses for attending law school and other information that should be of interest to financial aid applicants.

Fire Drills / Alarms

In order to protect the safety of all students, faculty, and staff, when a fire alarm sounds everyone must evacuate the building immediately and wait outside the building until instructed to return.


Food and drinks are permitted throughout the Law School building. Please do use care with what kinds of food you take outside the Blank Rome LLP Dining Room.

The Blank Rome Dining Room is a full-service cafeteria. Hours of operation will be posted. The Law School also operates a Coffee Bar outside the Library near the Goldberg Commons. A microwave, sink, refrigerator, and vending machines are located in the locker room.

Organizations planning events that involve catering must work through the Director of Events, see Events above.

From time to time, the Law School may issue special directives regarding food products that could be hazardous to community members with severe allergies.