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Student Handbook: General Information H-M

Health Insurance

All law students are required to have health insurance coverage throughout their term of enrollment at Villanova.  Health insurance is mandatory for all domestic, undergraduate matriculated students, all international students, and all law school students.  Student must either enroll in the school sponsored plan or waive out of the University sponsored plan by showing proof of comparable coverage.  Failure to waive out of the University sponsored plan will result in automatic enrollment and billing for the University plan at the beginning of the school year. For more information regarding the school sponsored plan, and the enrollment/waiver process, please visit the website


The University has established a Hotline administered by EthicsPoint, a third party provider, available 24/7 to report concerns on an anonymous basis. The Hotline allows a student or employee to report any instance of misconduct in the academic or workplace setting, such as fraud, mismanagement of funds or other violation of law or University or Law School policy. The Hotline, administered by EthicsPoint, also provides a student or employee anonymous reporting options for complaints involving the violation of the University’s Sexual Misconduct Policy. 


The Law School administrative offices are typically open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except as otherwise posted. The offices are closed on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. During the summer months, the offices are open 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and closed on Fridays.

The Law School building is accessible 24 hours, seven days a week. After 7:00 p.m., students must swipe their Wildcard for entrance to the building. There is a separate swipe card reader for the library and coffee bar at the double doors at the rear of the Goldberg Commons. All entrances are locked between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.; classrooms open at 7:00 a.m. and lock at 10:00 p.m. On weekends and holidays the building is open only to the Law School community via Wildcard swipe. These hours are subject to change during the summer, holiday breaks, or as deemed appropriate by the Law School Administration.


Housing information is available from the Admissions Office and is posted online. Other notices about housing are posted on the bulletin board located in the locker room on the ground floor. The University makes no representations with regard to the housing or those providing it. 

Visit the Villanova University Off-Campus Housing Website for more information about off-campus housing.

ID Cards

Students must obtain University-issued Villanova Law Student Identification Cards (Wildcards) which are required for numerous Law School and campus services, including printing/photocopying and after-hours access to the Law School building and Library. Replacement ID cards can be obtained for $30.00 from the Wildcard Office, Dougherty Hall, 610-519-4179.

The Wildcard also serves as a debit card for purchases on campus and with some community merchants. It is accepted at the Law School Blank Rome LLP Dining Room and Coffee Bar. The University Bookstore offers a 5% discount when the Wildcard is used to pay for purchases.

For more information visit the  Wildcard Services website.

Money can be added to a student’s Wildcard account at the Wildcard Office in Dougherty Hall and through the Wildcard Services website using a Mastercard, Visa, or Discover card, or through ACH or echeck transfers.

Illegal, Dishonest, or Fraudulent Conduct

Villanova University is committed to upholding the highest standards of honest behavior, ethical conduct and fiduciary responsibility with respect to University funds, resources and property. The University also expects members of the University community to comply with all state, local and federal statutes, rules and regulations when conducting University business. To that end, the University prohibits and does not tolerate illegal, dishonest, or fraudulent conduct of any nature. All members of the University community are expected to uphold this policy. Violation of this Policy by students will result in appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion.

Complaint Procedure, Investigation and Corrective Action

The University encourages any person who believes that an incident of illegal, dishonest or fraudulent conduct has been committed to report the incident immediately in accordance with the Complaint Procedure outlined in the Policy. The University has also established a hotline for reporting concerns on an anonymous basis at any time. The Hotline is provided through EthicsPoint, a third party provider, and can be accessed online or 1-855-236-1443. See also Hotline in this Handbook.

Retaliation Prohibited

The University prohibits and does not tolerate retaliation against any individual who files a complaint of illegal, dishonest or fraudulent conduct; is involved as a witness or participant in the complaint or investigation process; or refuses to engage in illegal, dishonest or fraudulent conduct.

For more information, view the full Policy Prohibiting Illegal, Dishonest, or Fraudulent Conduct.


Law Library Study Space Access: Evenings and Weekends

Extended access to the Law Library is available to Villanova Law Students by swiping their Wildcard at the building main entrance AND then at the law library entrance, the double-doors at the back corner of the Goldberg Commons. Law Library access may be limited during holidays, semester breaks, the summer, and examination periods. Information on changes to access hours is available at the Circulation Desk.

Law Library Service Hours

Law Library Reference Librarians are available by appointment throughout the week and, as needed, on evenings and weekends. Drop-ins are welcomed. For assistance, ask at the Circulation Desk or email

The Law Library Circulation/Reserve Desk is staffed as follows when classes are in session:

     Monday - Thursday 8:30 AM - 8:30 PM

     Friday 8:30 AM - 6 PM

     Saturday 10:30 AM - 6 PM

     Sunday 2 PM - 8:30 PM

Law Library Policies

The collection in the Law Library is primarily a research collection for students and faculty. Therefore, circulation privileges are limited to the law school community. Use the library catalog to find books. You may then retrieve them yourself and bring to the Circulation Desk to check out OR complete the Request a Book form on the Law Library’s website. You will receive an email with instructions for picking up the requested books in 48-96 hours. Please note due dates. Books on Reserve may be checked out for two hours and are for in-building use only. 

The Law Library is for the use of all members of the Law School community. The successful sharing of the Law Library’s resources depends on cooperation among its users. Students are expected to return materials by the due date and to respond to email and other communications from library staff. Students with outstanding materials will have borrowing privileges suspended and holds placed on their accounts by the Registrar. Please see the Law Library Conduct Policy for additional information about the expectations for and limitations on use of the library and its materials by the community and visitors.

University Library (Falvey)

University Library databases and services are available to law students. Check the Falvey Library webpage for their resources and hours. Note that law student interlibrary loan requests must be submitted through the Law Library, not Falvey.


Lockers are available to all law students. The locker room is located on the ground floor down the hall from the Blank Rome LLP Dining Room. First-year students are assigned lockers at Orientation. To request a change of locker, contact Cheryl Baro, Financial and Operations Coordinator, at Students who have forgotten their combination may also contact Mrs. Baro. Mechanical problems with lockers should be reported to Joe Mariani, Director of Operations, at Only Law School-issued locks may be used. Locks not issued by the Law School will be removed. Lockers must be emptied at the end of each academic year.

Lost & Found

Lost articles may be temporarily held at the Library Circulation Desk. Items that are unclaimed are forwarded to the University’s Lost and Found managed by the Department of Public Safety. They are located in Garey Hall (call 610-519-6979 for direct contact with their Lost and Found desk).


Student mail, packages, and faxes should be addressed to student residences, not to the Law School.

A US Postal Service drop box is located at the train station. A UPS drop box is located inside the Law School parking garage.