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Resources for Litigators: Litigation Analytics

Free websites, dockets, verdicts, directories, jury instructions and other resources used by litigators.


Litigation Analytics tools are available on all three major resource platforms as well as from stand alone subscription services. They analyze court dockets, case opinions, directory information and more to generate reports on attorneys, judges, expert witnesses, companies and others. These reports show the number and types of cases handled each year, success rates, time between trial/argument and a ruling from a judge, which firms represent a particular company and for what types of cases and much more. See the Background box for articles discussing Litigation Analytics and their use. Links to individual products as well as user guides for those products are also contained on this page. Have questions or want a demo of any of these services? Contact your friendly law librarians!

Background--What Are Litigation Analytics?

Bloomberg Law Litigation Analytics

Below are links to user guides with search tips and screenshots of the various types of analytics available:

1. Attorney Analytics

2. Company Analytics

3. Court Analytics

4. Judge Analytics 

5. Law Firm Analytics

Westlaw's Litigation Analytics

Lexis+ Litigation Analytics