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Resources for Litigators: Juries

Free websites, dockets, verdicts, directories, jury instructions and other resources used by litigators.

Online Jury Verdicts--Free Resources

Jury Instructions-Online

Jury Instructions in Print

There are a number of pattern or model jury instructions for individual types of cases or practice ares. View a list of instructions available in Villanova Law's print library here and here or use the topic tabs on Westlaw or Lexis to locate online equivalents.

Other Resources

Online Jury Verdicts--Paid Services

Jury Verdicts in Print

American Factfinder (Jury Pool/Community Information)

Also useful for trial preparation/case evaluation though not a verdict resource--is a way to estimate whether potential jurors in your venue might be sympathetic to your client’s viewpoint. Includes various demographic information such as education level, income bracket, industry of employment etc for individuals living in a particular county or city—taken from annual US Census data.

Jury Instructions by Circuit