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Study Aids, Strategies & Exam Prep: Aspen Learning App

Print and online study aids for required and suggested 2L and 3L classes most of which are part of bar exam study.

To Download (Read Offline) Aspen Learning Library Content:

NOTE: DO NOT USE the App download option that appears after you click the “Read Offline” button by a specific title unless you have already signed into your personalized account. You must create an account/login before you download the app or you will not be able to log into the app.

  1. Go to the Aspen Learning Library

  2. Click on the “Villanova Law” link in the upper right and then on “Personalize”


  3. Log in with your personalized account if you had already created one in the old Wolters Kluwer Online Study Aids Library platform. If you haven’t yet created one, click on the “Register” tab instead and fill out the form, clicking the green “Create My Account” button to set up your account.


  4. Return to the Aspen Learning Library page and make sure you are signed in—it will now show the User Name you selected instead of Villanova Law in the top right.


  5. Click on the green Download App button that appears next to your user name and click on the link that fits your operating system (PC for laptops, MAC, Apple Store or Google Play for phones and tablets)


  6. After you’ve downloaded the App, open it on your device (you may need to search for it—does not seem to automatically open upon download). It will ask you if you want to log in with your personalized ID, select yes and then you will see the Aspen Learning Library materials appear.

  7. Browse the titles or search for your title of interest and you’ll see the download icon appear over that item. You can now download, highlight and take notes on your selected item.