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Increasing Your Scholarly Visibility and Impact: Google Knowledge Panels


Google knowledge panels are prominent boxes on its search result page, which provide information summaries about the possible search subject. These are algorithm driven compilations are assembled from Google’s “Knowledge Graph,” a vast database of facts collected from web sources, like Wikipedia. Knowledge panel information may also be provided and corrected by the search subjects themselves, who have “claimed” their panels through a verification process. Claiming a knowledge panel not only gives you a means of influencing information that appears within the panel, it can also distinguish you from others who may have the same and similar names in search results. 

How to Claim Google Knowledge Panel Video

If Google has created a knowledge panel for you, you can claim it through the following steps. 

  • Log in to your Google Account 
  • Go to “Manage your Google Account” 
  • Go to “Data & Privacy” 
  • Check to make sure “Web & App Activity” is turned on 
  • Go to Google search box 
  • Enter your name in the Google search box 
  • Knowledge panel will appear on right 
  • Click on "Claim this knowledge panel" 
  • On verification page, click, “Get Verified” 
  • Enter information and submit 
    • You will have to take and upload a selfie while holding a government approved id 
    • And upload screenshots of two of your web profiles