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Increasing Your Scholarly Visibility and Impact: ORCiD

What is ORCiD and Why Do I Need It?

ORCiD is a unique number that identifies your authorship, no matter in which discipline or with which name you choose to publish.  It also connects all your scholarship in one place so that others can see your affiliations, CV and works.  Researchers can connect to this information from your Hein Author Profile and any other place you have your ORCiD listed.

You have to register for an ORCiD number on your own. However, once you do, library staff can manage your account as “Trusted Individuals“.

Registering for an ORCiD account

Register for an ORCiD account through the following steps: 

Go to and enter your name and university email as your primary email address.  Enter any additional emails you wish to use as backups.  Of course, make a password.  Choose the notification and visibility settings you want.  The visibility settings determine who can see your ORCiD information.   

If your name is similar to another scholar, you may be asked whether or not existing ORCiD accounts are yours.

Falvey Library has more information on ORCiD here.

Make Your Library Liaison a Trusted Individual

Your faculty liaison can help manage your ORCiD account when you designate them a Trusted Individual.  Trusted Individuals have access to your ORCiD account and can make edits to it.  To name someone a trusted individual:

  • Click on  
    • Account settings 
    • Trusted individuals. 
  • Enter the Trusted Individual’s name, email address, or ORCID iD
  • Click search
  • Add the appropriate person

This process is also documented in the video below. 

Entering Information on ORCiD

Connect Your Hein and ORCiD Accounts

Connecting your Hein Scholar and ORCiD profiles increases your scholarly visibility by making citations to your work available on both platforms.   You can send citations from your work from Hein your ORCiD account.  Your work will then be discoverable by going from Hein to ORCiD or ORCiD to Hein. 

Your liaison librarian will have access to your Hein Scholar Profile and the process can be advanced by making them a Trusted Individual on ORCiD. 

You can connect your Hein Scholar Profile and ORCiD by: 

    The process is also documented in the video below.
  • Clicking on the  “Register or Connect Your ORCID iD” button on your Hein Scholar Profile 
  • Sign into your ORCiD account when prompted 
  • Click on the button to authorize integreation of your HeinOnline and ORCID profiles