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Increasing Your Scholarly Visibility and Impact: Google Scholar

Setting Up Your Google Scholar Profile

Creating your Google Scholar profile:

  • Log into your Google/Gmail account Go to
  • Click on the “My Profile” on the top left corner of the screen
  • Fill in the requested information:
    • Your institutional affiliation
    • Your institutional email, e.g.
    • Your areas of interests, separated by commas (this information helps others locate you)
    • Confirm the email sent by Google Scholar to validate your institutional email.
  • Google Scholar will attempt to identify your publications available through the system. Review the returned publication list. Some may be from those with a common name or a similar one to yours. There may also be publications you do not wish to include in your profile. Make sure the ones you want are checked and the ones you don’t want are unchecked.
  • When finished with the above review, click "Add." Next, you will be asked how you want set your Google Scholar settings:
    • Article Updates: Choose “Apply Updates Automatically” otherwise you can have Google Scholar send you emails of updates for review.
    • Profile Visibility: Choose “Make my profile public” to make your profile visible to researchers
  • Finally, add a picture to your profile.

Then sit back as your work is discovered by researchers around the world.

This process is also described by the video below: