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Increasing Your Scholarly Visibility and Impact: Hein Author Profile

What Is a Hein Author Profile?

Hein Author Profiles provide links to scholar publications in Heinonline, information about the scholar, citation statistics and links to other online collections of the scholar's materials, like SSRN and Google Scholar as well as social media sources.  An author profile is generated once an author is included in Hein's database.  It can then be "enhanced" with more information and a scholar photo.

The great thing about Hein Author Profiles is that the Law Library can maintain and edit them for you.  If you have any edits you wish to make, please send them to John Cannan.

Hein Author Profile Options

Claiming Your Hein Author Profile

Editing your own Hein Author Profile requires a MyHein account.  If you do not have a MyHein account already, you can create one by following these steps. 

Making Hein Profile

You will receive an email from Hein confirming your new account’s username and password.   

You may need to claim your MyHein Author Profile to begin editing it.  To do so, fill out this form 

Your email address of your MyHein Profile and MyHein account must be the same. 

Connect to HeinOnline then log into your MyHein account. 

Select Author Profile Admin from the dropdown list. 

Follow Hein's instructions for how to edit your profile.  You can enter links to your Google Scholar, SSRN, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Wikipedia pages.