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Research Guide for Journals: Cite Checking

This guide is primarily for Villanova University School of Law students participating in a Journal.

Deciphering Citations

If you run across a citation that you do not recognize, there are a number of options to try:

-- perhaps you were only given part of the article and a more complete citation is provided earlier in the article, ask for the entire article

-- use an internet search engine such as google or duck duck go to look for the citation, these results may provide additional information

-- use the Tables in the back of The Bluebook, particularly Table 13

-- use the abbreviation dictionaries listed in the box below

-- ask a law librarian for assistance

Abbreviation Dictionaries in Print

Determining WHERE to get an article ...

Once you have deciphered a citation and know the name of the journal or source that you need, there are several ways to determine WHERE to find that journal (or primary source). 

Or email Villanova Law Reference with questions or to set up a consultation with a law librarian.

Finding Books ...

To locate books, use the links below in the order they appear:

Or email Villanova Law Reference with questions or to set up a consultation with a law librarian.

What to Know Before You ILL

  • Interlibrary loan form can be found online  
  • Provide as much information as you can—page numbers and section titles are particularly helpful and will result in faster service!
  • You must do the following before you submit your request or it may get bounced back to you—ask for help with any of these searches if you are unsure!
  • Check for the item in library catalog
  • Check Westlaw, Lexis & Bloomberg
  • Check Falvey’s catalog
  • Can usually renew the item from the lending library—contact Mary Jo Heacock BEFORE the due date on the yellow slip; pickup and return items at the library reference desk
  • Item is checked out in YOUR name even if being used for a cite check that’s to be handed over to someone else (same goes with books checked out from our collection)

To locate Government Documents

Also check individual federal or state agency websites for current materials.

Subject Guide