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Procertas Legal Technology Skills

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CALI Lessons: Substantive Areas of Law and Legal Research Skill Development

Working in a new area of law or different jurisdiction this summer? Or want to get a jump on a subject before your class starts in the fall? Check out a CALI lesson. 


All Villanova Law students have access to the tutorials and quizzes available through the LinkedIn Learning platform. Students can any number of the 15,000 courses on many different subjects including Microsoft Office and other tech skills, project management, entrepreneurship, video editing, data analysis and visualization 

Browse by topic or search for keywords in the search box at the top. There are courses on the basics of GDPR, Music Law, computer crimes, privacy laws, data breach notification laws and more. You can also view their learning paths to determine which courses might help you reach a specific goal or their collections of courses that focus on a particular issue. Legal Technology and Soft Skills Development has partnered with Westlaw to offer Westlaw subscribers three certification courses on Core Tech, Practice Tech and Legal Soft Skills. These interactive video lessons offer cheat sheets and quizzes to check your knowledge.