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Teaching Materials for Faculty: Required Text, Assignments, Affordable Options, and more: Affordable Materials including Open Education Resources

Affordable Materials - Overview

Tips for making course materials more affordable:

1. Use Law & Falvey Libraries' Existing Electronic Resources - ebooks and articles

2. Wait to Adopt a new edition of a casebook so that used copies will be available

3. Adopt Open Education Resources

4. Create a course packet with only the parts of the casebook you want to use

5. Submit Textbook list early so students may shop for best prices


Villanova University's Affordable Materials Project (AMP) "is a University-wide collaboration between the University's bookstore; Falvey Library, Villanova Law Library, Center for Access, Success, and Achievement; and the Office of the Provost, all working together to address one of the most pressing issues students face today: access to high quality, affordable course materials."

Professors interested in creating Open Access Materials may want to consider applying for Villanova's Open Educational Resources (OER) Faculty Adoption Grant.

H2O - free, professor created content

Open Casebook Series - lower cost print casebooks

An option for high quality, print editions of 1L course materials created on H2O."The Open Casebook series leverages free and open texts created by distinguished legal scholars on Harvard’s H2O platform. Created by Harvard Law School’s Library Innovation Lab, H2O facilitates the building, sharing, and remixing of open-access digital textbooks, with cases drawn from the Lab’s companion Caselaw Access Project, which scanned and made freely available access to all American case law. Authors can create their own original books with H2O, finding, and adapting existing texts to refine and build upon one another’s work." More information.

Open Casebook Series titles:

Torts! 3rd edition by By Jonathan L. Zittrain and Jordi Weinstock

Contracts 3rd edition (2023) by By Randall Kennedy

Open Access Course Materials


ChartaCourse allows law professors to create course materials or use those from other law professors. Described as "Law school course materials formatted as concept maps with hundreds of cases, problems, videos, diagrams and much more embedded within each map, completely customizable for each professor. A community of scholars sharing ideas, materials and royalties." Students pay a flat $49 for your version of a course.

CALI (Computer Assisted Legal Instruction)

CALI offers e-textbooks and online tutorials created by law professors. 

CALI lessons are online tutorials covering a variety of topics and practice areas.

CALI's eLangdell textbooks are Creative Commons licensed and peer-reviewed: free to law faculty and students at CALI schools.

Our CALI subscription is provided by the Law Library. To set up an account, please contact your liaison or email reference for an authorization code.

LiveCarta - now includes LawCarta