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Research Management Systems: Lexis for Microsoft Office

This guide provides an overview of bibliographic or citation management software including links to tutorials and guides for using, among others: RefWorks, Endnote, Zotero and Mendeley.

Lexis for Microsoft Office Pro Tip

In order to have optimal performance of Lexis® for  Microsoft® Office features, you should run Remove Citation Metadata and Remove Hyperlinks before you use the software for the first time on your document. If not prompted to do this, go to the Lexis Tab in Word and then click on the Clean Doc option, first on the left. The software will do some markup/add metadata or hyperlinks to your document depending on the features used, so if those items already appear in your document, Lexis® for  Microsoft® Office will not work as expected. For this reason, Track Changes should be turned off before using the software because the markup it adds will interfere with the performance of many features, particularly Check Cite Format. We instead recommend utilizing Word Compare.


Lexis for Microsoft Office

Lexis for Microsoft Office allows you to easily access Lexis from within Microsoft Word. Features include tools for cite checking, citation formating, and creation of Table of Authorities.

To use Lexis for Microsoft Office you must DOWNLOAD the latest version of the software. Select INSTALL (not free trial) since you have a Lexis account. Install options: Office Desktop for Windows, Office Online, or Mac.

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