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Foreign, Comparative & International Law: Electronic Resources

Legal Research Databases

Legal Research Databases:  Law students and practitioners who have password access to Lexis Advance, Westlaw and Bloomberg Law may use the resources provided by these legal information systems.  These and the other databases featured below provide resources on foreign and international law, generally organized by region, country and international organization.  With whatever resources within a database you select, remember to examine the Information buttons, where provided, to learn what a particular resource contains and tips on how to efficiently access it.  If you need assistance using any of these databases, please speak to a Reference Librarian:


Suggested Resources in Bloomberg Law:


International Trade Daily


International Trade Reporter


WTO Reporter


Books and Treatises:


International Labor and Employment Laws


Suggested resources in Lexis+:


                        Practice Area or Industry:  International Law


                        International Commercial Arbitration Practice


                        International Business Planning: Law and Taxation


                        International Court of Justice Judgments


            Suggested resources in Westlaw:


All Content: International Materials 


Practical Law:  International Arbitration  This resource provides materials on Treaties and United States legislation.


Suggested resources in Checkpoint:


Practice Area:  International Tax

Table of Contents:  International Tax News


International Law Research Guides

International Law Research Guides:  A number of useful resources for researching international law are freely available on the World Wide Web.  A few such sources are listed below:


The American Society of International Law


The American Society of International Law Electronic Resource Guide




Internet Resources on Individual Countries

Internet Resources on Individual Countries:  Many countries have embraced the Internet and have made available much information about their governments and laws.  Use popular search engines such as Google or Ask to search for information about foreign nations, such as official information on the national legal system or business and travel information.  Knowledge of foreign languages is useful in such research, although many national websites are in several languages, often including English.  As with all information on the Internet, the researcher should be aware of the quality of the information presented.  Commentary and even official information regarding political entities such has national governments often display certain biases.  For official information on United States relations with foreign nations, see the “Countries and Areas” link on the U.S. Department of State website. 


International Organizations

International Organizations:  A selection of websites for International organizations.  Others may be found on the Internet:


            Center for International Environmental Law


Europa:  Gateway to the European Union


International Labour Organization


International Maritime Organization


Shanghai Cooperation Organization


The United Nations


International Humanitarian and Human Rights Organizations

International Humanitarian and Human Rights Organizations:


            Amnesty International


International Committee of the Red Cross


International Justice Resource Center


Universal Human Rights Index




International Trade Law Organizations

International Trade Law Organizations:  The following suggested websites provide information on organizations focusing on international trade law and agreements:


Customs and International Trade Bar Association


International Trade Commission Trial Lawyers Association


United Nations Commission on International Trade Law


United States International Trade Commission


World Trade Organization


International News

News Sources featuring International Legal Issues:  Suggested news sources on international law follow.  Many other similar news websites are available online, but may require password registration or are otherwise subscription-based.  Standard news sites such as Reuters, McClatchy or United Press International may also be useful to the international law researcher:


            Jurist—World Legal News


            World Public


Non-Legal International News Sources

Older News Sources