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Admiralty & Maritime Law: International Law & Organizations

Resources for researching the admiralty and maritime law of the United States.

Foreign & International Resources

Admiralty law has historic roots in foreign and international law, as it deals with the claims and conflicts that may arise through international travel and commerce.  Resources in foreign and international law may prove helpful in the analysis of particular admiralty matters.  Some recommended sources follow; other may be found through Internet searches:

Foreign and International Law:

Foreign Law Guide

Treaties in Force (also available, Third Floor KZ235 .T75.

Heinonline:  United States Treaties and Agreements Library   

United Nations Treaty Collection

Globalex:  An Introduction to International Fisheries Law Research

International Organizations

Information from international organizations may be helpful in the analysis of certain admiralty law issues.  Some recommended resources follow; others may be found online:

United Nations

International Labor Organization

International Maritime Organization