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Admiralty & Maritime Law: Federal Cases

Resources for researching the admiralty and maritime law of the United States.

Researching Federal Case Law

American admiralty and maritime law is largely found in the decisions of the federal courts, and the courts continue to develop the law in areas where Congress has not seen fit to legislate.  Case law may be searched using Lexis+, Westlaw, and Bloomberg Law.  The following resources are also recommended:


United States Supreme Court Opinions:


Supreme Court of the United States


United States Reports (Second Floor; Compact Shelving, KF101 .A3)


United States Law Week


Other Federal Case Resources:


American Maritime Cases on Lexis+


West Key Number System Topic number 16, ADMIRALTY


Court websites (additional court websites may be found online)


United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (Archive of Third Circuit Opinions)


United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania