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Federal Employers' Liability Act: Case Law

Case Law Resources

Case Law:  The current substantive law of the FELA has developed over the years through decisions of the federal courts interpreting the will of Congress as expressed in the FELA statutes.  Depending upon the forum and the claims involved in a particular case, the researcher may need to find federal and state case law relevant to FELA actions. Links to suggested online resources are provided below; use the Library’s OPAC to find print resource locations and for additional material:


United States Supreme Court opinions:


Supreme Court of the United States


United States Reports:  (KF101 .A3) 


United States Supreme Court Cases: Lawyer's Edition


West Digest System:  For print versions of the West Digest system, use the Descriptive Word Index volumes from a Digest for the appropriate jurisdiction to find topics and keynumbers regarding the FELA, injuries to railroad employees, the law regarding any additional claims, and relevant state procedural law.  In Westlaw, use the “West Key Number System” to browse the West Digest Outline, or to search for topics and key numbers using your own search terms. 


Topic 231H: Labor and Employment


Search for cases in Westlaw Case Databases:


            U.S. Supreme Court

            Third Circuit Federal Cases

            Federal District Court Cases: Pennsylvania

            Pennsylvania State & Federal Cases

            Labor & Employment Cases


Also search for state and federal cases in Lexis+.


Cornell University’s Legal Information Institute (LLI): Court Opinions


Court websites (Pennsylvania state and federal courts):


                        The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania


United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit; Archived Opinions


                        United States District Court:  Eastern District of Pennsylvania


Search online for additional Court websites.