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Software & Vendor Trainings: Legal Research

Links to webinars, podcasts and other training resources for legal research platforms and other legal software products such as case management, billing, e-discovery and other commonly encountered software.

Bloomberg Law Training Materials or call 24/7: 888-560-2529

The Bloomberg resources below will prompt you to login with your Bloomberg login and password and are therefore not available to those without an active Bloomberg subscription.

Checkpoint Training Materials

Currently Villanova Law only subscribes to the federal and state and local tax libraries. Faculty and students should see the Law Databases page to create an account.

Fastcase Training Materials

The Fastcase resources below DO NOT require product login before accessing so may be viewed by nonsubscribers as well as subscribers.

Subscribers/law school faculty and staff can log in here. Law students and faculty can sign up for a Fastcase account here. See the Law Databases page for more information. 

Hein Online or call 800-277-6995

Hein Online offers access to a number of primary and secondary resources specifically law reviews and journals (including historical coverage back to the first volume for many titles), government documents including access to previous versions of the CFR, USC and other primary sources as well as a wonderful list of compiled federal legislative histories. Other notable collections include: Early American and English case reports, International Law Association Reports, John F. Kennedy Assassination Collection, Religion and the Law, UNC Press Law publications, US Presidential Impeachment Library and historical State Statutes.

Lexis Training Materials or call 24/7 800-455-3947

In addition to the training materials below, Lexis also offers a certification program allowing students to complete a set number of trainings to become Lexis Certified. The list of students (and attorneys) who have obtained certification is then posted to the web here. Students must contact the law school's Lexis rep, Thomas Daniel ("TD"), to register for the certification program and to get more information about the trainings. TD's contact information can be found on the Law School's Lexis login page.

Ravel Training Materials

Ravel is a start up legal research service that is based on analytics. It's main feature is an analysis of judicial opinions to try to predict how a judge or court may rule on a particular issue or type of case. It does offer access to the United States Code and the Code of Federal Regulations but its coverage of primary and secondary law is not comprehensive. Students can create a free educational account.

The resources below do not require a Ravel login to access so they are available to non-subscribers as well. 

Westlaw & Practical Law Training Materials or call 24/7 800-850-9378

The Westlaw resources below will prompt you to log into Westlaw before you can access them (with the exception of the Youtube videos) so they are only available to subscribers.

VitalLaw (Formerly Cheetah)

Vital Law, formerly known as Cheetah or CCH IntelliConnect, is a specialized research platform offering access to tax, corporate financial and other related publications from the Commerce Clearing House. Students and faculty should see the Law Databases page to create an account.