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Sexuality and the Law: Topic Selection

This guide is primarily for students in the Sexuality and the Law course at Villanova University School of Law.

Glossary of Terms - Transgender

This guide provides a glossary of terms to promote accurate and fair writing and reporting: GLAAD Media Reference Guide: Glossary of Terms - Transgender.

Legal News Sources Related to Law & Sexuality

General Legal News Sources

Reports and Studies

Law Blogs

Law Blogs may discuss new and interesting topics in particular areas of law. Here are a few that may be helpful:

Finding Law Review Articles

Want to see what has already been written on a particular topic? Want to read existing articles to get ideas for new or related topics? Have an idea for a unique topic and you want to do a pre-emption search? Or perhaps you want to find law review articles that discuss a particular statute or case? The following sources may be helpful:

Circuit Splits

Additional Resources

Subject Guide