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Pennsylvania Legal Materials: Case Opinions


Reporters - full text of court decisions


               Pennsylvania State Reports (Pennsylvania Supreme Court) (1845- ):  Third Floor & Compact Shelving, KFP 45 .A2

               Pennsylvania Superior Court Reports (1895-1997):  Third Floor & Compact Shelving, KFP 48 .P4

               Pennsylvania  Commonwealth Court Reports (1970-1994):  Third Floor,  KFP 49 .A2

               Pennsylvania District and County Reports (1922- ):  Third Floor & Compact Shelving,  KFP 51 .A4 D55

               Pennsylvania District Reports (1892-1921):  Third Floor,  KFP 51 .A4D55

               Pennsylvania County Court Reports (1995-1921):  Third Floor, KFP 51 .A4 D4

               Pennsylvania Reporter (West) (1944- ):  Third Floor, KFP 47 .A32

               Atlantic Reporter 3d (2010- ):  Second Floor, KF 135 .A7

               Atlantic Reporter 2d (1938-2010):  Second Floor & Compact Shelving, KFP 135 .A7

               Atlantic Reporter (1886-1938):  Compact Shelving, KF 135 .A7

               Side Reports (county reports & Pittsburgh Legal Journal):  Third Floor, KFP 52.A3A3 - KFP 52 .Y6Y6

               Pennsylvania Fiduciary Reporter (1951- ):  Third Floor, KFP 144 .A515


               Bloomberg Law

               Lexis Advance 

               Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania