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Procertas - Technology Training and Assessment for Lawyers: Tips for Using Procertas

An introduction and guide to using Procertas, a tool for learning and practicing tasks in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Adobe Acrobat that are commonly needed in legal practice.

Getting into Procertas

Once you've requested a Procertas account here, you should receive your credentials to log in to the system.  The Procertas lessons are available at

When you're logged into the Procertas system, you will see your "Modules List", which contains all of the lessons you can access:

Your screen will likely have more modules than this. You should have access to a "Tutorial" module that introduces you to downloading and uploading documents in Procertas.

When you are ready to start the lessons, keep in mind how they are structured:

"Trainer" modules (Like the Word Memo Trainer) are for teaching you the steps for completing these tasks.  Each trainer module lesson has a "Teach Me" button that shows a video of the task being completed.  Once you feel comfortable with the steps, download the lesson file, make the required changes to it, save the modified file, and upload it back to Procertas.  The system will tell you whether you have made the changes correctly.

"Assessment" modules are much more rigorous, and will not give you any assistance.  In order to qualify for a digital assessment badge, you will need to complete the same tasks you did in the trainer module accurately, within a set time, and without any videos to help.  You can go straight to the assessment modules if you feel confident in your skills, but the trainer modules will prepare you if you are unfamiliar with how to complete these tasks.

For more information, please see this more detailed overview (with screenshots) provided by Procertas (may require log in to view).