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Bioethics and the Law: Resources for Writers

Resources for Writers

Use these resources for aid in writing assignments in Bioethics and the Law, and for ideas in choosing a topic within this field.

Books on Writing

Below are a few books on writing. For additional suggestions, consult with a Reference Librarian or check the library catalog. Or check out this list.

Creating an Annotated Bibliography of Sources

Tips on Creating an Annotated Bibliography

1. Understand what it is.

An annotated bibliography is a list of the sources you plan to use for your paper. Each source is listed with a brief description of the source AND how it relates to your paper topic.


2. As you research, create your list of sources.

As you find books, articles, statutes and cases related to your paper topic, put information about each source in your DRAFT Annotated Bibliography document. For each source include the title, author, citation, date and any other information needed (e.g. a book chapter title or page range or pincites).


3. After reading a source, write an annotation for that source.

As you read each of your sources, write a brief summary of how you will use it in your research paper. Make note of the useful parts of the source, how each part relates to your topic, and where that information fits within the outline of your paper.

See Purdue Online Writing Lab on Annotated Bibliographies  OR University of Newcastle Library Guide on Annotated Bibliographies  

Bioethics and the Law Blogs

Bioethics Journals