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Pennsylvania Special Education Law: Online Resources

Related Research Guides

Many of these suggested Research Guides on Special Education in Pennsylvania are maintained by other Pennsylvania educational institutions.  Others are privately maintained.  Inclusion of commercial websites in this list does not constitute an endorsment or quarantee by Villanova Law School Library.  All material featured here is provided for informational purposes only.  Additional resources of this type by be found by reference or by further research on the Internet:   


Penn State University Libraries:  Special Education


Pennsylvania Laws & Regulations Online

The following online resources provide online information regarding Pennsylvania laws dealing with aspects of Special Education law and services to special needs students and families.  Additional online resources may be found by reference or by further research on the Internet:

The Pennsylvania Code:  Title 22, Chapter 14.  Special Education Services and Programs

Pennsylvania Department of Education: Codes and Regulations

Pennsylvania Department of Human Services:  PA Autism Insurance Act (Act 62)

Informational Websites

Resources on the Internet, Generally:  A number of useful resources on special eduation law are freely available online.  A few such sources are listed below; others may be found using popular search engines, such as Google, Bing, Startpage, or Ask.  Web searches will show that a number of practitioners and law firms specializing in special education matters maintain informational websites that may be of interest.  The Villanova Law Library can offer no opinions regarding the accuracy of the information presented on such privately maintained websites.  Inclusion in this Research Guide should not be interpreted as an endorsment by the Villanova Law School of any particular organization's activities or services.  As with any information taken from sources on the Internet, the researcher must use their own judgment as to the veracity and timeliness of the information presented, and should take care to verify such information, insofar as may be possible and practical, through the use of other trusted resources:

Cerebral Palsy Group

Cerbral Palsy Group:  Financial & Legal Help

Cerbral Palsy Group:  Special Education

Cerebral Palsy Guide

Cerebal Palsey Guide:  Legal Resources Page

Disability Rights Pennsylvania

Disability Scoop - Developmental Disability News

Easter Seals - State Autism Profiles:  Pennsylvania

Education Law Center  Special Education - General Information

Pennsylvania Bureau of Autism Services:  ASERT

Pennsylvania State Education Association:  Special & Gifted Education

Special Education Connection

Wendy Klag Center for Autism & Developmental Disabilities (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health)



Federal Government Agencies

The following websites are maintained by Federal government agencies providing information and services relevant to special needs students in Pennsylvania.  Additional Federal websites by be found by reference or by further research on the Internet:

ERIC (Education Resources Information Center)  Pennsylvania

United States Department of Education

IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act)

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services

Special Education Service Providers

Listed below are selected service providers for special needs students who operate in the southeastern Pennsylvania region.  Some of these organizations will have affilates or equivlents providing such ervices in other areas.  This list of organizations is provided for informational purposes only.  Inclusion in this list of suggested resources should not be interpreted as an endorsement or guarantee of quality by the Villanova Law School Library of any services provided, nor of any service philosophy espoused by an individual organization:

The ARC of Pennsylvania

Keystone Human Services

Lenoard Educational Evaluations, LLC:  Independent Educational Evaluations in PA and NJ

Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units

Spectra Support Services, LLC