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Study Aids, Strategies & Exam Prep: Study Software

Print and online study aids for required and suggested 2L and 3L classes most of which are part of bar exam study.


Outlining/Notetaking Software

Law Students often "outline" a course as a method of studying and preparing for an exam.  While you can certainly do this in Word, there are several programs designed to support the sort of outlining that law students do.

Office OneNote

  • software essentially turns one's word-processor into a digital notebook, allowing students to type anywhere on the page and to easily insert photos, graphs, or other imported data.
  • There are also mobile versions available.

Learn Leo 

  • Free case briefing software that allows for highlighting, annotation and other case organizing capabilities


  • available only on Mac platforms
  • allows students to create a variety of different styles of outlines and provides organizational guidance
  • allows students to easily view only certain portions of their outline, hiding others. 
  • Educational license available for $5.99 for the "essentials" basic version or $35.99 for "pro" version but also has a free 14-day trial
  • has mobile app for Apple products

Also see EverNote as another organizational tool.

Free Practice Essays Online

Mind-mapping/Brainstorming Software

For graphical learners the process of Mind Mapping can be very helpful when studying law.  There are a number of software packages that support this sort of graphical "brainstorming" method of learning.


  • Web-based software that allows students to generate mind maps and add in notes, web addresses, images, videos and other information
  • Free with options for low-cost upgrades

Mindjet MindManager

  • allows students to generate graphical outlines or flowcharts, and to integrate those graphical outlines into existing word-processors.
  • works with Mac & Windows platforms
  • A 30-day free trial may be downloaded, and the software may be purchased for $349 (often an educational or other discount is available on the site).


  • a visual outlining program that allows students to create flowcharts and other graphical representations of ideas. 
  • comes as a piece of free software on most Macintosh computers. 
  • It is only compatible with Mac platforms
  • Available as an App for mobile use 
  • available for purchase for $99.95 or $49.99 for mobile iOS version.
  • Free 14-day trial available

Flash Cards

The massive amount of information that comes with law study can often be retained by the use of flashcards.  Some students swear by them, others don't.  But there are resources on the Web to support this mode of study.


  • Create your own "study set" of questions and answers which can be used to create flashcards, quizzes and other study tools for free
  • Use the search box to browse other sets that have been created to find one on your subject (caution: may not cover all of the material covered in your individual course) and request access to them from the poster (must create an account first)
  • Can even design games to test yourself on your study set 
  • Also has mobile apps or IOS and Android

Brainscape Flash Card Maker

  • Free flash cards covering a variety of legal subjects--use at your own risk as they are prepared by other students/brainscape users

  • Flashcard program that allows students to generate their own flashcards. 
  • Or view other students' flashcards, although students should be aware that any flashcards posted are not reviewed for accuracy. 
  • These cards are created and viewed online, not on the student's own computer.
  • Has apps that support Apple and Android users

Flashcard Machine

  • Free online program allows students to create their own flashcards
  • Can view others flashcards by subject
  • Apps available for Apple, Android and Kindle

Anki Flash Card Maker

  • Free, has mobile apps for iPhone and Android, allows direct entry into app or sync with computer
  • Can set study schedule for cards so review information on a cycle‚Äč