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Research Management Systems: Overview

This guide provides an overview of bibliographic or citation management software including links to tutorials and guides for using, among others: RefWorks, Endnote, Zotero and Mendeley.

At a Glance:

Zotero/Juris-M: desktop software with Firefox or Chrome add-on but can be used with other browsers, also offers web version with more limited storage

Mendeley: has a desktop version that can sync with the online, cloud-based system

EndNote: has desktop version & online EndNote Web; can sync the the two; can check out software from Circulation Desk to upload on computer. NOTE: library is no longer updating EndnNote software. Can download 30 day free trial of web version.


Why Use Citation Management Software?

Citation management software allows you to track your sources as you use them rather than waiting until the end of a project to retype a separate bibliography or Table of Authorities. This software also auto formats your citations so that you spend less time flipping through the Blue Book for citations rules. While citation management software is a time-saver, you must still REVIEW each citation for accuracy before submitting it in class or to the court because no software can guarantee 100% accuracy.

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